About Madame Giselle

Madame Giselle is a revolutionary new company, created to change the retail market in South Africa forever! Madame Giselle is the first and only retail shop in a mall to sell adult toys, sexy and trend setting lingerie. Madame Giselle believes that people should not have to go down seedy streets and online to buy products that are now accepted as normal and mainstream products worldwide.

Having travelled the world and seen that there are many shops like Madame Giselle on the streets and in malls, selling adult toys and lingerie, all widely accepted to be normal and more importantly wanted concept around most of the world today. I want people in South Africa to be able to buy adult toys and sexy lingerie in an upmarket, modern and comfortable environment and not feel intimidated or embarrassed about buying these items. I believe South Africa will embrace the concept and join Madame Giselle in putting aside old fashioned views on the adult retail market.

Madame Giselle is forward thinking and the place to go to for intimate items without the tackiness or embarrassment. The new era is here where people can embrace their sexuality.