Womens Health – Kegel Balls

There is one group of muscles that doesn’t get talked about enough and they certainly don’t get enough TLC. Reports suggest that one-third of adult women are affected by pelvic floor disorders which can leave them with a whole host of problems including incontinence and an unwillingness to have sex due to pain, lack of[…]read more

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Some Useful Links for You to Get Started

It seems like you’re running a default WordPress website. Here are few useful links you might be interested in: How To Migrate WordPress From Other Hosting To Cloudways How To Take Website Live on Cloudways How To Reset Folder and File Permissions How To Configure WordPress Multisite on Cloudways How to Install and Configure Breeze[…]read more

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Good vibes

May is National Masturbation Month. That’s right, and it’s not just 24 measly hours—it’s an entire month.   Good Vibes Why men and women masturbate isn’t really a question in need of scientific analysis, but it’s good to know what triggers your partner. Eighty-seven percent of participants said they do it when they’re “in the[…]read more

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