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5 Reasons why massage is good for couples

5 Reasons why massage is good for couples

Ditch the usual dinner date and replace it with a couples massage treatment and watch your relationship change for the better. Here’s why:

1 It’ll bring you closer together – A couple that experiences new things together has a far better chance of having a closer bond than those that don’t. Massages are relaxing, therapeutic and why wouldn’t you want to share that with your significant other?

2 Increases feelings of affection – Massages can increase feelings of affection and intimacy in couples because they release the feel-good hormones associated with touch, such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Not only does the massage feel good physically, but it also helps make you and your partner more touchy-feely and loving towards one another.

3 Helps you reconnect – Many couples are often busy with work, school, and just life in general, and do not have enough time to relax with one another. During a massage, you can just allow life’s problems to drift away and focus on the present moment. As you lie there, fully-engaged in the blissful moment with your significant other, you’ll begin to reconnect, which will hopefully stay with the two of you after and outside of the massage treatment.
4 Its very good for your health – As much you exercise, eat right and sleep enough for good health, massages are a part of a healthy and balanced life.  A tension free and relaxed you is the best version of yourself that you can bring to your relationship.
Encourages Mutual Healing: Knowing that your partner is sharing in your wellness experience is truly a lovely feeling.
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