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Being Good in Bed Is Tied to an Unexpected Personality Trait

People who rate high in conscientiousness have fewer sexual problems and more satisfying sex lives, according to a new study. 

Your personality says a lot about your sex life. From your openness to trying to new things to how outgoing you are, personality traits can reveal what you’re into and how things are going in bed. 

Even traits that might not appear to be all that “sexy” can have an impact on your sex life, including one trait known as conscientiousness. This trait involves being very detail-oriented and organized. Conscientious people have a tendency to plan and schedule everything—including sex—which makes them very dependable.

Intuitively, many of you might think that people who are hung up on organization and planning would make for worse lovers. After all, good sex is supposed to be spontaneous and surprising. A growing amount of research, however, suggests that people high in conscientiousness have fewer sexual problems, more satisfying sex, and maybe even more sex than other people. Let’s take a look at the evidence.

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