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Jiggle Balls

Love Eggs & Jiggle Balls

Why keep play to the bedroom? A little bit of clandestine stimulation never did anyone any harm. Love eggs and jiggle balls are toys that are designed to be worn on the go and these little beauties fit nice and snug inside the vagina so that you can carry on with your day as normal… just with a little added extra frisson! A love egg looks like a short, fat bullet that vibrates and is operated by a remote control so that you can set it to different speed and functions. Jiggle balls are two, small marble-shaped balls that move around inside you stimulating the G-spot. Both eggs and balls have a loop so they can be easily removed. Secretly wearing a love egg or jiggle balls will give you a warm glow and a happy little smile. It’s a subtle experience so, don’t worry, you won’t suddenly start doing a ‘Meg Ryan’ in Harry Met Sally! An added bonus is that both the egg and balls can have health benefits as they exercise the pelvic floor, improving bladder function and producing more intense orgasms.

  • Choose love eggs and jiggle balls that are made from silicone
  • Wear them all day, but not all night
  • Look after your eggs and balls by cleaning them after use
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