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Womens Health – Kegel Balls

There is one group of muscles that doesn’t get talked about enough and they certainly don’t get enough TLC.

Reports suggest that one-third of adult women are affected by pelvic floor disorders which can leave them with a whole host of problems including incontinence and an unwillingness to have sex due to pain, lack of feeling or simply embarrassment.

Surveys have found that only half of women asked feel confident about their pelvic floor muscles. And on top of that, only 35 percent of them admitted to performing Kegel exercises only sometimes and a further 19 percent revealed they performed them almost never.

So how can this muscle help improve sex?

Put simply – Vaginal sensation is felt with pressure and deep touch more than light sensations. Sexual pleasure comes from the movement and build-up of friction against the vaginal walls.

‘The vaginal walls are layered with the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscle exercises tone and strengthen these muscles, improving blood supply and nerve activity, all leading to greater pleasure. Many women report they are able to reach orgasm more easily, and that their orgasms are more powerful, after focusing on pelvic floor muscle exercises.’

These muscles are big players when it comes to penetrative sex and like other muscles, when we build them up, they get stronger and bulkier, improving the strength of this muscle can spice up your sex life.

‘If you go to the gym for six months you’ll see a difference, your shoulders and hamstrings might get more muscular – it’s the same with your pelvic floor. You will get a bulkier pelvic floor that is going to take up more room and it will mean that the space available for a penis or whatever you’re using will be smaller and you may be more aware of what’s going in and out.’

And it isn’t just physical, ‘If you’ve got a fantastic pelvic floor and you feel that it’s worthy of some really great sex, the chances are you’re going to have some really great sex. If you feel as though your pelvic floor muscles are weak and your partner says ‘It’s not the same since you had the kids’ the loss of confidence can be just as big a factor as the possibility of weaker muscles for less satisfactory sex. Knowing that your pelvic floor muscles can improve can help you build your self-confidence.

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