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Positions Women can’t get enough of

These are the 8 best sex positions for women that you definitely aren’t trying (but totally should).

People often underestimate the importance of sex positions.

According to Dr. Yvonka, a clinical sexologist, “Mastering the positioning of your bodies together is an essential part of making sure that the experience is pleasurable for everyone involved. And yes, you may find yourself in numbers of three or more, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

However, you’re in charge of your own pleasure and speaking up when something doesn’t feel right during sex. Each of our bodies is designed differently and therefore, when something doesn’t feel good, say something and switch it up!

A woman’s body is intricate and each one is unique, so take the time to discover her and find out what she likes. No two women are the same, so it’s going to take some fooling around to find out the perfect way to blend together. But no complaints there, right?

Our bodies were designed to do so much more than our feeble little minds can conjure up. They were made to be flexible so we can bend and stretch in different ways depending on the circumstance, and sex is quite demanding in terms of flexibility if you want to get the most out of it.

Have you always been jealous of the crazy, wild sex stories your friends have told you about? Listen up, because that can be you too with just a little help once you learn a few sex positions women love.


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been doing gymnastics and yoga every day out of the year or not; we’ve got some tips and great sex positions you can bring into the bedroom to take your sexual experience to an amazing new level.

1. The Snake

“For women who want to reach orgasm during intercourse, The Snake tends to be a favorable position,” says sexologist Dr. Jess.

You lie on your stomach and your partner lies on top of you (entering from behind if desired). You place your hand or a toy beneath your pubic mound or vulva, and rub and grind with the weight of your body while your partner pumps on top.

2. Tantra

“I practice Tantra. Tantra has much more to do with spirituality than sex. The sexual benefits of practicing some form of Tantra seems to be mind-boggling; from developing the ability to be multiply orgasmic (yes, men too); to the ecstatic energetic orgasms that last way longer than most of our measly 10 second experiences.

The main text of Tantric sexual practice is the Kama Sutra,” says Nikeema Lee, an author, intimate relationship coach, and certified law of attraction guide.

“The Kama Sutra reinforces the ideals of Tantric sex. Although positions are not the most significant practice in Tantra, the Kama Sutra does outline many positions that you can practice. However, keep in mind that they’re most beneficial if you incorporate Tantric training,” says Lee.

3. The Tripod

“While standing against or near a wall, your partner holds up one of your knees firmly in one hand and then makes love to you face to face. It then leaves the other hands free to explore and caress both of your bodies. It allows him to penetrate you deeper,” says Lee.

4. The Cat

“In this position, you lie on their stomach while your partner grabs hold of your ankles in their right hand, lifts them high up and penetrates you, all while rubbing your face, neck, and chest with the other hand,” says Lee.

Talk about a workout. This position is best if you’re working with a man that’s well-endowed.

5. The Flower in Bloom

“You draw up both of your knees until they nestle your breasts; your feet rest in your partner’s armpits. Your partner cups and lifts the buttocks with their palms, spread the thighs, and places the heels next to their hips while you caress your breasts,” says Lee.

This position is ideal for a man with small penis. Who knew!

6. Cowgirl

“This sex position is great for women struggling with achieving orgasm. Again, a common misconception is that orgasm ‘should’ only be achieved through penetration, but this is hardly the case for most women.

We need clitoral stimulation and cowgirl is excellent for this. As you’re on top of your partner grinding back and forth (yes gentlemen, grinding, not bouncing), it simultaneously stimulates the clitoris and provides the pleasure of penetration, which leads to a fantastic orgasm,” says Dr. Yvonka.

Take it slow, spend time on the movement of your hips forwards and backward, and really find the perfect balance of friction.

7. Bottoms Up

Sometimes, doggy style can be painful for women because it may get a bit too deep for comfort. And despite what pornography tells you, deeper is not generally better.

Dr. Yvonka shares that if you prop your hips with a pillow or a fancy ready-made sex wedge pillow, it could help with perfecting the angle and it begins to feel quite nice this way.

“I usually encourage using a small bullet or vibrator in this position while you’re gently being taken from behind. You will have an orgasm that blows your mind,” she says.

8. Face Up Wheelbarrow

“I’m not caught up with all the names these days as they seem to change regularly, but this one is sort of a wheelbarrow position — only you’re face up with your partner grabbing your legs on either side. Or, you can place them on his shoulders while he’s on his knees facing you.

This feels great for both partners because it narrows the vaginal walls and allows for a tighter grip. If you aren’t up on doing your regular kegel exercises, I’d definitely recommend this one,” says Dr. Yvonka.

Again, adding a little vibrator for clitoral stimulation is an excellent way to heighten the orgasms.8