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Good vibes

May is National Masturbation Month.

That’s right, and it’s not just 24 measly hours—it’s an entire month.


Good Vibes

Why men and women masturbate isn’t really a question in need of scientific analysis, but it’s good to know what triggers your partner. Eighty-seven percent of participants said they do it when they’re “in the mood,” 55 percent attribute it to being stimulated, while some do it to relieve stress (38 percent), boredom (26 percent) or capitalize on excitement (21 percent). All in all, 76 percent of participants reported feeling satisfied and 59 percent felt relaxed afterward.

Exotic Traveler

Not surprisingly, 80 percent of participants’ go-to destination for taking a load off was the bedroom, followed by the shower (31 percent) and then the couch.

More surprisingly, 20 percent of men and 19 percent of women reported the car as being the most unusual place they’ve masturbated.

More disturbingly, six percent of men reported masturbating at the office. (Think about that the next time Bob from accounting goes missing for 20 minutes—and think twice before you go looking for him.) Other unusual places include planes, trains and buses (we’re hoping—praying—it’s in the bathroom). And 22 percent of respondents reported masturbating while on a business trip.


Need a Hand?

While 68 percent of respondents report using their hand most often while masturbating, some prefer the tools of the trade. Case in point, 26 percent of participants use a vibrator and six percent use some type of sex toy.

As you may have guessed, using a vibrator or sex toy is very common for women. Fifty percent have either used a vibrator or were open to doing so; 50 percent use a vibrator weekly on their own (versus 27 percent with their partner), and 50 percent admit it’s easier to climax while masturbating than having sex with a partner.

With or Without You

Fifty-nine percent of participants confessed the frequency of their masturbation habit doesn’t change whether or not they’re in a relationship. And they’re not shy about it either. Sixty-one percent of respondents said their significant other knows they masturbate and 39 percent even masturbate in front of their significant other.

 Article Source: Muscle & Fitness